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19238 – NaviTrack Scout® Locator

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NaviTrack Scout® Locator




The NaviTrack Scout® Locator is designed to solve the most demanding remote transmitter (sonde) locates using multi-directional locating technology.

19238 Features

  • Ideal for users locating SeeSnake®and other sondes who occasionally need to locate energized lines.
  • Multi-directional antenna displays real-time signal strength and eliminates false peaks and nulls.
  • Calculates depth over the target.
  • Distinctive on-screen markers guide you to your target.
  • Powerful and compact design weighs only 3 pounds.

Included components: Navitrack Mark Chips, Pkg. of 3; 20248: Scout Carrying Case

19238 Operators Manual

Additional information

Weight 11.9 lbs


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