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37468 – SeeSnake® microDrain™ D65S Reel (NTSC)

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SeeSnake® microDrain™ D65S Reel (NTSC)




SeeSnake® microDRAIN® Video Inspection System with 1¼” to 3″ (32 – 75 mm) lines up to 65′ (20 m). Passes multiple 90° bends in most 1.5″ (40 mm) drain lines.

37468 Features

  • 65′ (20 m) of 0.33″ (8.3 mm) flexible push cable diameter that makes it ideal for small diameter lines with tight turns and short runs in lines from 1.25″ to 3″ */ 4″ (32 to 75 mm* / 100 mm) – *Lower pipe capacity applies when used with micro CA-350 series
  • Lightweight and compact design allows easy storage in your vehicle and makes it easy to transport to a job site
  • Multi-monitor compatibility with all SeeSnake® monitors, or the handheld micro CA-350-series cameras
  • Durable and reliable construction with hardened stainless steel camera head spring assembly for a long service life and long lasting high-intensity LEDs for exceptional viewing
  • Delivered with the SeeSnake® Kickstand Accessory to allow optimal use with the SeeSnake® CSx Via Monitor and provides optimal stability on various jobsites
  • Includes 512Hz Sonde to easily pinpoint problems in the line with a receiver or trace the entire path of the push cable in a line, using a line transmitter
  • Ideal for inspections with tight turns such as toilet traps and P-traps
  • Features an Interchangeable Drum System (drums sold separately) to change push cable specifications in an instant to adapt to various jobsites (L100; L100C; N85S; D65S)
  • Download the free HQx Live app to view and record inspection jobs on your phone or tablet

Included components: Reel, 2 Pipe Guides; USB with HQ Software; SeeSnake Adapter Cable

37468 Operators Manual

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