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FR100-A – Includes FR100, 50’ x 5/16” Flexible Shaft, Sheath and Coupler (50FR1A) and FR100-CS Cutter Set




General Pipe Cleaners redefines high-speed, flexible-shaft technology with the new Flexi-Rooter® 100 drain cleaner – the next-generation flexible-shaft drain cleaning machine! We’ve added an integral motor, stronger shaft, and unique ClogChopper cutters to a durable metal, easily maneuverable frame.

General’s stronger, stiffer shaft is flexible enough to get through 2” lines, yet strong enough to cut roots in 4” drain lines up to 75 feet down the line. It’s powered by an integral variable speed motor that lets you adjust the speed from zero to 2200 rpm. With the foot pedal, you have both hands free to safely guide the flexible shaft into the line. You can use the Flexi-Rooter simultaneously with your sewer inspection camera system to pinpoint trouble spots in the line and instantly view your results.

General’s innovative, two-part cleaning array combines our unique ClogChopper® cutters with carbide-tipped chain cutters. ClogChoppers rip through tough stoppages with six self-sharpening blades that dig into encrusted debris and root masses, easily grinding up stubborn clogs. General couples the ClogChoppers to carbide-tipped chain cutters. Together, they make a formidable combination, capable of boring through tough stoppages and scale, shredding obstructions, and scouring pipe walls clean.

The durable metal frame includes 10” wheels and a folding handle to make it easier to get the machine smoothly to and from the job. A safety slip clutch helps protect the flexible shaft. But if you ever do get into trouble, the rod is field repairable.


  • Integral variable speed motor – from zero to 2200 RPM.
  • Stronger, stiffer flexible shaft and durable sheath.
  • Flexible enough to clear 2” lines, yet strong enough to cut roots in 4” lines.
  • Clears lines up to 75 feet long.
  • Two-part cleaning array combines ClogChopper® with carbide-tipped chain cutters.
  • Foot pedal frees hands to guide the rod.
  • Allows you to simultaneously clear stoppages and inspect results.
  • Durable metal frame includes 10” wheels and folding handle.
  • Safety slip clutch helps protect the flexible shaft.
  • General’s flexible shaft is field repairable.
  • Made in USA.

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