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Stainless Steel Nozzles

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Stainless Steel Nozzles




Gorlitz’s water jetting hoses are recognized for their abrasive resistant cover, smooth bore, chemical resistance and non-metallic properties. Most important, they are lightweight and offer great flexibility when under pressure. All Gorlitz water jetter hoses are listed by their inside diameters and are equipped with standard National Pipe Thread fittings. Water Jetter hoses are available in different length or diameters only upon special request.

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1/2" Flex Corner Nozzle, 1/2" Laser Head Nozzle, 1/2" Thrust Head Nozzle, 1/4" Corner Head Nozzle, 1/4" Drop Head Nozzle, 1/4" Laser Head Nozzle, 1/4" Thrust Head Nozzle, 1/8" Corner Head Nozzle, 1/8" Drop Head Nozzle, 1/8" Laser Head Nozzle, 1/8" Thrust Head Nozzle, 3/8" Flex Corner Nozzle, 3/8" Laser Head Nozzle, 3/8" Thrust Head Nozzle, 3/8" Thrust Nozzle, Flex Leader Replacement


-, 4 Rear, 4 Rear 1 Forward, 6 Rear 1 Forward, 6 Rear, 2 Rear 1 Side, 3 Rear, 3 Rear 1 Forward


-, 8 – 10, 2 – 4, 2 – 3, 4 – 6


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