Picote Mini Miller Starter Kit 3″ | 1/3″ Shaft 1011000075US 

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Picote Mini Miller Starter Kit 3″ – 1/3″ Shaft

Introducing the Picote Mini Miller Starter Kit 3″ – 1/3″ Shaft, the ultimate solution for professional sewer and drain cleaning. When it comes to tackling tough blockages and clogged pipes, this kit is a game-changer. Proudly sold by the industry leader, J.M. McKinney Co., this starter kit is the epitome of quality and reliability. So, if you’re a professional plumber looking to up your game and provide the best service to your clients, look no further than this remarkable product.

The 1011000075US Mini Miller Starter Kit 3″ – 1/3″ Shaft is everything you need to conquer any sewer and drain cleaning challenge. With its diverse range of accessories, this kit has got you covered every step of the way. Let’s delve deeper into what this kit includes.

First up, we have the Tiger Drill Chain, an innovative tool that powers through blockages with ease. Its sharp and durable teeth effortlessly chew through obstructions, leaving you with a clear and free-flowing sewer or drain. No more wasting time and energy on stubborn clogs; the Tiger Drill Chain is here to save the day.

Next, we have the Smart Cutter, a true genius amongst drain cleaning tools. Equipped with advanced technology, this cutter intelligently removes roots, deposits, and other debris from your pipes, effectively restoring their functionality. With the Smart Cutter on your side, you can say goodbye to recurring blockages and hello to smooth and efficient sewage flow.

Looking for unstoppable power? The Cyclone Premium Chain is here to answer your prayers. With its unrivaled strength and durability, this chain can tackle the toughest of obstructions. Trust the Cyclone Premium Chain to clear out roots, scale, and other challenging debris, ensuring your pipes are gleaming with newfound cleanliness.

1011000075US Mini Miller Starter Kit 3″ – More

But wait, there’s more! The Original PVC Chain is an essential component of this starter kit. Specifically designed for PVC pipes, it smoothly and effectively removes build-up, ensuring your pipelines are free from any blockage-causing substances. Rest easy knowing that your clients’ PVC pipes are in safe and capable hands with the Original PVC Chain.

And let’s not forget the Combo Hex Key, your trusty sidekick in this sewer and drain cleaning endeavor. This versatile tool allows you to effortlessly switch between different accessories, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. With the Combo Hex Key, you’ll breeze through tasks, saving valuable time and effort.

When it comes to professional sewer and drain cleaning, the 1011000075US  Mini Miller Starter Kit 3″ – 1/3″ Shaft is a must-have in every plumber’s arsenal. It offers a comprehensive package of powerful and innovative tools that guarantee exceptional results. No longer will clogged pipes and stubborn blockages be a headache for you or your clients. With this starter kit, you’ll be the hero of the plumbing world, delivering exceptional service, and leaving behind satisfied customers.

Don’t Settle for Less

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Trust the Picote Mini Miller Starter Kit 3″ – 1/3″ Shaft, brought to you by the industry leader, J.M. McKinney Co. Elevate your sewer and drain cleaning game and take pride in the outstanding service you provide. Invest in this remarkable kit today and experience the power, reliability, and efficiency that sets professionals apart from the rest. Your clients and your business deserve nothing less than the absolute best.


  • Cleaning (1/3″ Shaft)
  • 3″ Starter Kit for drain cleaning and descaling
  • includes Tiger Drill Chain
  • includes Smart Cutter
  • includes Cyclone Premium Chain
  • includes Original PVC Chain
  • includes Combo Hex Key

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