Picote Mini Miller Starter Kit 4″ | 1/3″ Shaft 1011008100

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Picote Mini Miller Starter Kit 4″

Reach optimal sewer and drain cleaning conditions with the Picote Mini Miller Starter Kit 4″ – 1/3″ Shaft. This valuable set of 5 essential accessories is the perfect companion to any professional plumber’s arsenal of tools. Compatible with the Picote Mini Miller, this kit enables the user to gain powerful benefits such as increased speed and cost savings with greater precision and results than with regular tools.

Made with superior quality, the kit includes a Tiger Drill Chain, a Smart Cutter, a Cyclone Premium Chain, an Original PVC Chain, and a Combo Hex Key for added convenience in any cleaning job. The Tiger Drill Chain is designed to withstand the toughest of sewage conditions and caters to the highest requirements of professional cleaning. Furthermore, it is made from the strongest materials available and is capable of cutting smoothly and quickly through the toughest blockages.

The Smart Cutter is designed to provide versatility through a range of sizes and cutting angles. It can be quickly and easily adjusted to achieve a maximum cutting power output for ultimate efficiency in your cleaning jobs. You can also use it to cut and deburr plastic pipes with ease.

The Cyclone Premium Chain is designed to provide superior power and maximum torque so that you can get even the toughest jobs done quickly and effectively. It includes pre-swaged ends that enable you to attach the chain quickly and easily. Additionally, its hook-style tips provide you with the flexibility to access difficult places, ensuring an effortless experience.

1011008100 Mini Miller Starter – Even More

The Original PVC Chain has been engineered to provide exceptional results while being gentle on all pipes and surfaces. It is perfect for handling soft blocks and small obstructions, enabling you to remove them with precision and effectiveness. It also comes with pre-swaged ends for easy fastening abilities.

Finally, the Combo Hex Key includes a range of sizes that enable you to adjust the parts of the Picote Mini Miller quickly and easily. This small but powerful tool is ideal for professional plumbing jobs and makes it easier than ever to switch between tasks.

Picote Quality

When purchasing the 1011008100 Mini Miller Starter Kit 4″ – 1/3″ Shaft, you can rest assured that you’re receiving quality components of the highest standard, brought to you by the leading supplier in the industry: J.M. McKinney Co. With this complete set of accessories, you won’t find a better tool for optimum precision and efficiency in professional sewer and drain cleaning. Get yours today and experience the superior results of the Picote Mini Miller Starter Kit 4″ – 1/3″ Shaft!


  • Cleaning (1/3″ Shaft)
  • 4″ Starter Kit for drain cleaning and descaling
  • includes Tiger Drill Chain
  • includes Smart Cutter
  • includes Cyclone Premium Chain
  • includes Original PVC Chain
  • includes Combo Hex Key

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