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1380084070U – Picote Original Premium Chain 3″

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Introducing the Picote Original Premium Chain 3″ from J.M. McKinney Co., the best supplier in the industry for professional sewer and drain. No one can beat our number: 1380084070U, when it comes to quality and reliability.

What sets us apart from the rest is that our chains are the fastest, strongest, and most versatile in the market. Not to mention, our product has a larger and heavier U carbide, with a premium 1/3 inch shaft. It’s useful for tough descaling, hard deposits, and removing residual concrete or failed liner, including inherent inconsistencies, wrinkles and remains.

So why should professional plumbers buy the Picote Original Premium Chain 3″?

For starters, there’s no other product on the market that can match it in terms of speed and strength. This means that it’ll get the job done faster, making plumbers’ lives easier and more efficient.

Not only is it designed to handle cast iron pipes with ease, but its larger and heavier U carbide gives it extra power and durability. That means, unlike other chains in the market, it won’t cause wear and tear as easily when faced with tough descaling or hard deposits.

1380084070U Original Premium Chain – A Great Choice

Overall, the Picote Original Premium Chain 3″ is the perfect tool for professional plumbers who are looking for a reliable product that lasts. With its premium 1/3 inch shaft, robust U carbide and versatile construction, this chain can easily tackle any job that the plumber faces.

For the best, most reliable, and most versatile professional sewer and drain cleaning chain, look no further than the Picote Original Premium Chain 3″. From J.M. McKinney Co, the best supplier in the industry.


  • Premium (1/3″ Shaft)
  • Larger and heavier U carbide (7-ridge)
  • Faster & Stronger than any chain on the market
  • Versatile tool for cast iron pipes
  • For tough descaling, hard deposits and removing residual concrete or failed liner, including inconsistencies, wrinkles and remains.

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