Picote Original Premium Chain 4″ 1380084100U

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Picote Original Premium Chain 4″

Introducing the Picote Original Premium Chain 4″, the ultimate tool for professional sewer and drain cleaning. Designed to work seamlessly with the Picote Mini Miller, this premium chain is the epitome of quality and durability. Crafted by the best supplier in the industry, J.M. McKinney Co., you can trust that this chain will exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional results every time.

With its part number 1380084100U, the Picote Original Premium Chain 4″ boasts a range of features that set it apart from competitors. Firstly, its premium construction with a 1/3″ shaft ensures incredible strength and reliability. You can tackle even the toughest jobs without worrying about the chain breaking or bending under pressure.

One standout feature of this chain is its U carbide design. This larger and heavier carbide, with 7 ridges, provides superior cutting power and efficiency. Say goodbye to slow progress and hello to a faster and stronger chain that outperforms any other on the market. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can clear blockages and restore optimal flow with the Picote Original Premium Chain 4″.

1380084100U Original Premium Chain Versatility

This chain is not only powerful, but it is also versatile. It is specifically engineered for cast iron pipes, making it the go-to tool for professional plumbers. Whether you’re dealing with tough descaling, hard deposits, or removing residual concrete or a failed liner, including inconsistencies, wrinkles, and remains, this chain will rise to the challenge. No job is too difficult for the Picote Original Premium Chain 4″.

When it comes to your business, efficiency is key. You need tools that can maximize your productivity and minimize downtime. That’s why the Picote Original Premium Chain 4″ is the perfect choice. Experience the difference it can make in your daily operations as it effortlessly removes blockages and clears your pipes. With this chain in your arsenal, you’ll be able to complete jobs faster and take on more projects, ultimately enhancing your bottom line.

Investing in the Picote Original Premium Chain 4″ means investing in the longevity of your equipment. This chain is constructed to withstand heavy usage and demanding conditions, ensuring it will last for years to come. You won’t have to worry about replacing it frequently or experiencing unexpected breakdowns. Trust in the durability and reliability of this chain, and it will pay off in the long run.

Not only is the Picote Original Premium Chain 4″ a highly functional tool, but it is also designed with your safety in mind. Its superior construction and sturdy materials reduce the risk of accidents or malfunctions, giving you peace of mind during every job. Your safety matters, and you can rely on this chain to provide a secure and efficient working environment.

In conclusion, the Picote Original Premium Chain 4″ is a game-changer for professional plumbers. With its premium construction, U carbide design, and versatile capabilities, it surpasses all expectations. Experience the power, speed, and reliability of the best chain on the market. Invest in the Picote Original Premium Chain 4″ from J.M. McKinney Co. and take your sewer and drain cleaning to the next level. The choice is clear.


  • Premium (1/3″ Shaft)
  • Larger and heavier U carbide (7-ridge)
  • Faster & Stronger than any chain on the market
  • Versatile tool for cast iron pipes
  • For tough descaling, hard deposits, and removing residual concrete or failed liner, including inconsistencies, wrinkles, and remains.

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