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1382005070 – Picote 3D Premium Chain 2-3″ w/Leader – 1/3″ Shaft

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Introducing the Picote 3D Premium Chain 2-3″ w/Leader – 1/3″ Shaft – the perfect tool for professional sewer and drain cleaning. This high-quality product is perfect for all your professional plumbing jobs. Offered exclusively by the leading supplier in the industry, J.M. McKinney Co., it’s the ideal choice for experienced plumbers looking for a reliable solution to the toughest cleaning challenges.

The Picote 3D Premium Chain boasts a host of features designed to maximize effectiveness and increase safety. Weighing in a just under 1lb, it provides a perfect balance between weight and strength. The 1/3″ shaft ensures that it can fit in any tight spaces, making it a great choice for smaller jobs. The chain has been coated in anti-abrasion material – so you don’t have to worry about it wearing away quickly. Plus, the leader attached to one end of the chain is designed to ensure it always sits firmly inside the Picote Mini Miller, enabling even cleaning.

1382005070 3D Premium Chain – More Benefits

Not only is the Picote 3D Premium Chain easy to use but it is also incredibly resilient and reliable. It is crafted to the highest standard from industrial-strength, ultra-durable materials. Furthermore, it is designed to ensure an even distribution of pressure and power. So you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your job will be done effectively and efficiently.

Finally, the 1382005070 3D Premium Chain can be used with other devices from the extensive Picote range. And with a range of sizes available, you can pick the one that is just right for your project. So why not try it when next you’re tackling a professional plumbing job? You’ll never look back.

Get the job done with the Picote 3D Premium Chain 2-3″ w/Leader – 1/3″ Shaft from J.M. McKinney Co. – the perfect solution for professional sewer and drain cleaning. Buy yours today and revolutionize your plumbing.


  • Premium (1/3″ Shaft)
  • Larger and heavier U carbide (7-ridge)
  • Includes Special Leader
  • Saves time and money on the worksite
  • By controlling the speed, the 3D Chain expands and removes material until its maximum size is reached

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Weight 2 lbs


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