44115804 – Spartan Tool Model 1065 Drain Cleaning Machine


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44115804 – Spartan Tool Model 1065 Drain Cleaning Machine

Spartan’s original super-powered cable machine still reigns supreme.

Is a major pipe cleaning job getting frustrating due to a lack of proper pipe cleaner hardware? Do you need a drain rooter with versatility and that extra bit of “oomph” to help you get the job done? The Spartan Model 1065 Drain Cleaning Machine is a main-line drain cleaner that has just what you need to get rid of just about any grime or other obstructions you could come across!

The Model 1065 is a pipeline cleaning machine that has all the power you expect from a Spartan machine with a 250′ range (with added cable) and the features you need to make even your toughest jobs easier. The patented Dial-A-Cable power feed and blockage-sensing smart motor help you harness the 1065’s strength and save valuable work hours. Who says they don’t make them like they used to?

With the Spartan Model 1065 Drain Cleaning Machine, you can get into a variety of spaces with up to 110′ of 3/4” inner-core of sewer cable, or 160’ of .66 Magnum cable. Plus, it controls torque build-up and helps prevent kinks and buckling with an inner drum that rotates independently of the outer drum.

Cable is not included with cable machines.  Shop cable now.


  • Heavy-duty power for 3″ – 10″ lines up to 250′
  • Permanent Magnet 4/10 HP motor makes Spartan machines the quietest in the industry
  • Smart motor senses the need for more power when encountering a difficult blockage
  • Patented Dial-A-Cable power feed allows for quick cable changes and feeds cable in and out automatically
  • Independent rotating inner drum prevents cable kinking and buckling that can break cables
  • The outer drum keeps dirt contained
  • Air-operated foot switch
  • Extra-strength lightweight aluminum magnesium composite frame stands up to years of wear and tear
  • Cable safety guide between machine and pipe
  • 25′ power cord with ground fault interrupter
  • Size: 25″W x 36″H x 36″D


  • Air-operated foot switch
  • Belt guards
  • Cable guide
  • GFCI power cord
  • Automatic brake
  • Power feed (works with cable guide)

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Additional information

Weight 142 lbs


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