RIDGID® SeekTech® ST-305R Line Transmitter | 50793R

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RIDGID® SeekTech® ST-305R Line Transmitter | 50793R

The RIDGID SeekTech ST-305R is a compact yet powerful multi-frequency transmitter tool. It can be used with any RIDGID SeekTech or NaviTrack® receiver to find buried conductors such as pipes, cables, and wires. With its battery shoe, the ST-305R can be powered by a Li-Ion 18 V rechargeable battery or six alkaline or NiMH C-cell batteries.

Features | RIDGID® SeekTech® ST-305R Line Transmitter | 50793R

  • Provides flexible power options of either a Lithium-Ion 18V rechargeable battery or 6 C-cell alkaline batteries
  • A lightweight, compact transmitter that delivers up to 5 Watts of power
  • Transmits two frequencies simultaneously to allow optimal frequency selection
  • RAM tablet mount compatible
  • Audio feedback confirms a good circuit before beginning a trace


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