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62697 – KJ-1750 Water Jetter by RIDGID®


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62697 – KJ-1750 Water Jetter by RIDGID®

Above With: H-30 Cart, 110′ x 1/2″ (33.5 m x 6.4 mm) Jet Hose

This powerful water jetter propels a highly flexible hose through 1 1/4″ to 4″ (32 to 100mm) lines–blasting through sludge, soap, and grease blockages. As you pull the hose back, it power scrubs the line, flushing debris away and restoring drain lines to their free-flowing capacity.


  • Powerful: Actual working pressure of 1750 psi and flow of 1.4 GPM (5.3 l/min) for fast, effective cleaning of lines.
  • Pulse Action: Two levels of pulse are standard. Activate the KJ-1750’s pulse action to easily negotiate difficult bends and traps.
  • Portable: The optional H-30 Cart rolls the jetter and hose to the job site. The jetter is easily removed from the cart in seconds for hard-to-reach drain or for remote storage. The optional adapter allows the KJ-1750 to be mounted on the compact H-10 Cart.
  • Electrical Requirement: The 2.0 HP motor draws a maximum of 17 Amps which requires a 20 Amp, 115V circuit.
  • Easy to use: Thrust propels the hose down the line. You simply guide the hose into the drain.
  • High Quality: Duplex pump with corrosion-resistant, forged brass head. A new pressure control valve allows quick and easy pressure adjustment.
  • Dependable: Reduced number of fittings, hoses, and parts minimizes leaks and downtime keeping you on the job.
  • Versatile: Optional power washer package cleans cables, tools, and other heavily soiled equipment.
  • CSA approved. Approved to UL standards (NRTLC).


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