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63658 – SeeSnake® rM200A Reel (200’/61 m) with Self-Leveling Camera powered with TruSense®


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63658 – SeeSnake® rM200A Reel (200′ / 61 m) with Self-Leveling Camera powered with TruSense®

The SeeSnake® rM200A camera reel combines portability and versatility with its interchangeable D2 drum series, offering different combinations of push cable stiffness and spring flexibility to tackle any inspection job. Included TruSense® technology vastly improves down pipe visibility with its High Dynamic Range (HDR) image sensor and its TiltSense™ inclinometer. Ideal for tackling lines up to 200′ (61 m) in length and 1-½” to 8″ (38 mm to 203 mm) in diameter, the rM200A is easy to maneuver, offers increased storage, and features a convenient docking system to transport SeeSnake monitors.
Professional Plumbing, Professional Drain Cleaning, Reinstatement / Relining


  • Enhanced camera functionality – TruSense technology with High Dynamic Range (HDR) sensor and TiltSense inclinometer give crisp, always upright images and feedback on camera angle in-pipe
  • Interchangeability – Easily interchangeable D2 drums for on-the-job flexibility and compatible with all SeeSnake monitors
  • Pushability – Drums feature different push cable lengths, diameters, stiffness, and springs for customizable jobs
  • Portability – Multi-functional pull handle and smooth wheels for easy transport and positioning
  • Increased storage – New taller stow bins with increased internal capacity to store jobsite essentials

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