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66593 – K9-306 FlexShaft® Machine by RIDGID®


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66593 – K9-306 FlexShaft® Machine by RIDGID®

FlexShaft®, K9-306 for 3 – 6″ Pipes; Includes: 125′ 3/8″ cable and kit

Purpose-built for the professional, the NEW RIDGID® FlexShaft® K9-306 drain cleaning machine quickly clears grease buildup, roots, and heavy scale using 125′ (38 m) of 3/8″ (10 mm) cable for 3″ – 6″ (75 – 150 mm) pipes with one step of the foot switch. It features a professional 1.5 HP (1119 W) internal universal motor powered with I-Clutch™ technology for maximum power and longevity, a fully enclosed drum to minimize set-up and clean-up time, and a telescoping handle with multiple wheels and grab points to make loading, unloading, transporting, and storage easy.


  • Increased Productivity – Faster setup and cleanup, quick cleaning, cordless convenience and easy-to-transport​
  • Wall-To-Wall Clean – Chain knockers expand for full pipe cleaning​
  • Simultaneous Camera Use – Inspect pipe while cleaning it out
  • Fully Enclosed System – Faster setup and cleanup to get you in and out of jobs quickly​
  • Accessories – A full range of chain knockers, brushes, and accessories are available


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