Gorlitz Expanding Cutter Assembly | 3/4″ Wide Split Pin | E 76


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Gorlitz Expanding Cutter Assembly | 3/4″ Wide Split Pin | E 76

Gorlitz’s heavy-duty cone chuck is used on all 4″ and larger diameter sewer lines. The outer cone is made of cast bronze and has recessed pockets that lock knives in position. This chuck accepts all single 3/4″ wide knives K 19 thru K 22.

Expandable blade holder E 76 is the latest addition to our knife and blade selection. The unique design is a combination of a special fabricated steel retainer that attaches directly to a standard slip joint connector or split pin connector. Precision machined aluminum jaws containing the knives are under constant internal spring pressure allowing the knives to always be at maximum opening regardless of different pipe diameters in any one line.

Don’t forget to check out our wide range of Gorlitz cables to complete your setup. And for all your plumbing needs, explore our full line of Gorlitz products.

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