1-1/2″ ClogChopper Cutter for Flexi-Rooter | FR-1-12CG


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1-1/2″ ClogChopper Cutter for Flexi-Rooter | FR-1-12CG

ClogChopper® with Carbide-Tipped Chain Cutter
General’s innovative, two-part cleaning array combines the unique ClogChopper® with Carbide-Tipped Chain Cutters to make a formidable combination. ClogChoppers rip through tough stoppages with six self-sharpening blades that dig into encrusted debris and root masses, easily grinding up stubborn clogs. The spherical design maneuvers around tight bends and traps. Together, they are capable of boring through tough stoppages and scale, shredding obstructions, and scouring pipe walls clean.

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