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Ridgid Bundle | CS12X | SeeSnake Mini | SeekTech ST-305


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Ridgid Bundle | CS12X | SeeSnake Mini | SeekTech ST-305

As a professional plumber, you know that the right tools can make all the difference in getting the job done efficiently and effectively. However, with so many different tools and products to choose from, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to figure out which ones you need. Thankfully, Ridgid has made things a lot easier by putting together convenient product bundles that not only simplify the checkout process but also offer promotional deals. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the Ridgid product bundle that includes the CS12x, SeeSnake Mini, and SeekTech ST-305 Transmitter and the promotional product that you can get with it.


The first product in this bundle is CS12x, a compact and durable inspection camera that features a 12mm camera head and RIDGID HQ software for remote viewing and sharing. This versatile camera is perfect for inspecting pipes, ductwork, and other hard-to-reach areas, and it comes with a 4GB SD card for capturing and storing images and video.

SeeSnake Mini

Paired with the SeeSnake Mini, which is included in the bundle, you have a complete inspection system that can handle a wide range of applications. The SeeSnake Mini has a 10mm camera head, 6 LED lights, and a 10.4″ LCD display for clear and detailed inspection footage. With these tools, you can quickly diagnose problems and make informed decisions about the best course of action.

SeekTech ST-305 Transmitter

The third product in the bundle is the SeekTech ST-305 Transmitter, which is designed to locate and trace buried utilities such as gas lines, water pipes, and electrical cables. This transmitter has a range of up to 15 feet and offers multiple frequencies, making it capable of detecting a wide range of signals. When used in conjunction with the CS12x and SeeSnake Mini, you have a comprehensive inspection and location system that’s perfect for jobs like locating leaks and blockages, identifying damage, and monitoring repairs.

SR-20 Locator

In addition to the convenience of having all these essential tools in one bundle, you also get a promotional product when you purchase them together. With this bundle, you’ll receive the SR-20 Locator, a powerful and intuitive locator with a range of up to 20 feet. The SR-20 offers multiple frequencies and modes, allowing you to pinpoint the exact location of buried utilities with ease.

This is a valuable tool that can save you time and money on future jobs, and it’s absolutely free when you purchase the CS12x, SeeSnake Mini, and SeekTech ST-305 Transmitter bundle.


In conclusion, the Ridgid product bundle that includes the CS12x, SeeSnake Mini, and SeekTech ST-305 Transmitter is an excellent investment for professional plumbers who want to streamline their checkout process and save money on essential tools. These products are versatile, durable, and easy to use, making them perfect for a wide range of applications. Plus, with the added bonus of the SR-20 Locator, you’ll have everything you need to quickly and accurately locate buried utilities and get the job done right the first time. So why wait? Order your Ridgid product bundle today and experience the benefits for yourself!


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