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Ridgid Bundle | CS65XR | SeeSnake Mini | SeekTech ST-510


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Ridgid Bundle | CS65XR | SeeSnake Mini | SeekTech ST-510

As professional plumbers, time is always of the essence. During your workday, you need to manage clients, assess their requirements, and complete the repairs in the given timeframe. There are also times when clients require several repairs at once, and you need to get the job done as efficiently as possible. In these situations, having a reliable set of tools can make a significant difference. That’s where the Ridgid product bundle comes in. This product bundle was designed to make your checkout experience smoother and group the tools that are best bought together to receive the promotional product.

The Ridgid product bundle offers excellent value, considering the three high-quality products the package includes: the CS65xr, SeeSnake Mini, and SeekTech ST-510 Transmitter. These tools are among the most popular ones in the Ridgid range and are well-suited for professional plumbing jobs.


The CS65xr is a rugged and compact device that provides exceptional pinpoint locating performance with a frequency range of 16Hz to 95kHz. This device is an indispensable tool for locating buried pipes, cables, and underground utilities.

SeeSnake Mini

The SeeSnake Mini is another crucial plumbing tool that comes with this bundle. This compact camera system is equipped with a vibrant 5.7-inch LCD monitor and a 640 x 480 resolution camera head. With the SeeSnake Mini, plumbers can quickly evaluate the condition of pipes, identify blockages, and identify potential faults before they become major problems.

SeekTech ST-510 Transmitter

The SeekTech ST-510 Transmitter is the third product in the package. This device provides accurate, dynamic locating data for all types of infrastructure. With four active frequencies, plumbers can apply the SeekTech ST-510 Transmitter to identify the location of buried utilities with extreme accuracy.

SR-20 Locator

The promotional product in this bundle is the SR-20 Locator. This device is a valuable tool for all plumbing professionals, allowing you to locate underground utilities with ease. The SR-20 Locator is designed for accuracy and ease of use – simply follow the locator’s audio and visual signals to pinpoint the exact location of any underground pipes or utilities.

Fantastic Option

The Ridgid product bundle is an excellent investment for professional plumbers. With the CS65xr, SeeSnake Mini, and SeekTech ST-510 Transmitter, plumbers can have the tools they need to complete jobs more efficiently. Remember that these products work amazingly well when paired together, so if you’re looking to upgrade your plumbing arsenal, look no further than the Ridgid product bundle. Don’t forget to take advantage of the promotional product offer that comes with it too!


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