Smart Cutter Attachment for Picote Mini Miller

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Smart Cutter Attachment

Here is a 447-word product description for the Smart Cutter Attachment, aimed at professional plumbers, in an informative tone:

The Picote Smart Cutter Attachment Sets the Industry Standard for Efficient and Thorough Pipe Preparation

As a professional plumber, you know that proper pipe preparation is crucial before applying any coating or lining system. That’s why you need the Picote Smart Cutter Attachment – the most versatile and efficient cutting tool on the market, specially designed to deliver consistent, thorough pipe preparation with less hassle.

This innovative attachment pairs with the Picote Mini and Maxi Miller models to provide unmatched pipe preparation capabilities. The Smart Cutter’s unique design features oscillating panels equipped with tungsten carbide cutters that simultaneously scrape away debris while restoring the pipe surface, eliminating the need for secondary scraping or abrasion tools.

Choose from three specialized Smart Cutter panel options to match your precise project needs:

  • Standard Panels: All-purpose cutting for most coatings prep applications
  • XT Panels: Extra-rough cutting ability for severely deteriorated pipes
  • Polishing Panels: Ultra-fine scraping to smooth pipes between coating layers

Smart Cutter Attachments – More Options

The Smart Cutter also comes in 6 and 8 panel hub configurations allowing you to scale up cutting power and efficiency for larger diameter pipes up to 12 inches. For restricted access jobs, a Remote Controlled Robotic Cutter is also available.

While delivering best-in-class cutting and scraping action, the Smart Cutter prevents overcutting and maintains ideal coating thickness standards. Integrated depth control protects pipe wall integrity while restoring surfaces to proper preparation benchmarks.

The Smart Cutter Attachment works seamlessly with the Picote Brush Coating System – the attachment effortlessly prepares pipes for initial coating layers and smoothes surfaces in between passes. It’s an unbeatable pipe prep combo.

For your convenience, the Smart Cutter comes packaged in Picote Pro Kits containing the most versatile tools professional plumbers need for a wide range of drain line renewal jobs. From the pioneering manufacturer that’s won multiple industry awards for innovation, the Smart Cutter raises the standard for what a pipe preparation tool can deliver in terms of versatility, efficiency, precision and ease of use. Trust the Smart Cutter Attachment to effortlessly conquer your toughest pipe prep challenges.

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