Gorlitz Folding Canvas Splash Guard | GO 62 | T 28S


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Gorlitz Folding Canvas Splash Guard | GO 62 | T 28S

When it comes to plumbing inspections, having the right equipment is essential for getting the job done efficiently and effectively. That’s where Gorlitz’s splash guards come in. Constructed from nylon-reinforced plastic-coated canvas, these guards offer a durable and reliable solution for preventing water from splashing onto any nearby surroundings. Recommended for the GO62 open-reel model, this folding canvas splash guard is a must-have for every plumbing professional. With Gorlitz, you can take your plumbing game to the next level and ensure that you’re always equipped for any job that comes your way.

Dimensions unfolded 25″H X 25″L X 17″W. Dimensions folded 3″H X 25″L X 17″W.

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