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Ridgid Bundle | CS65XR | SeeSnake Mini | SeekTech ST-305R


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Ridgid Bundle | CS65XR | SeeSnake Mini | SeekTech ST-305R

As a professional plumber, you know that purchasing the right tools can make a big difference in your work. But sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose from hundreds of products, especially when you’re in a hurry. That’s why brands like Ridgid have put together product bundles to make checkout easier and group the products that should be bought together to receive a promotional item. One of these bundles includes the CS65xr camera, SeeSnake Mini, and SeekTech ST-305R Transmitter. In this blog post, we will explain why you should invest in this bundle and how it can improve your plumbing business.


The CS65xr camera is a great addition to your plumbing tools. It features a 65-foot flexible cable and can easily navigate through tight spaces to find any blockages or problems. You can record video and take photos with the push of a button, and the camera is waterproof, so you can use it in any environment. With a large display, you can see the images clearly and easily. By getting the CS65xr camera with the Ridgid product bundle, you save time and money, as compared to buying it separately.

SeeSnake Mini

The SeeSnake Mini is another handy tool to have in your arsenal. As the name suggests, it’s a smaller version of the SeeSnake camera, but no less effective. With a 6-foot cable and a self-leveling camera head, you can see around corners and bends without any trouble. It also has a waterproof design, a built-in light, and an on-screen distance counter to keep track of how far you have traveled. The SeeSnake Mini is a valuable tool to detect any clogs or damaged pipes, and when bundled with the CS65xr camera and the SeekTech ST-305R transmitter, you get a step further towards exceptional plumbing service.

SeekTech ST-305R Transmitter

The SeekTech ST-305R Transmitter is a device that increases the effectiveness of both the CS65xr and the SeeSnake Mini. It transmits two different signals – a traced signal and a locating signal – that help you locate and trace underground pipelines more efficiently. With its easy-to-use features, such as variable power levels, frequency selection, and inductive or direct connection to a line, the SeekTech ST-305R transmitter gives you accurate readings and prompts you to any obstructions or abnormalities in the pipe, allowing you to identify the exact location of the problem. Pairing this appliance with the other two products will give you a complete system for detection and repairs.

SR-20 Locator

The Ridgid product bundle offers a great promotional item – the SR-20 Locator – when you purchase this bundle. This device helps you locate buried utilities and can detect the exact position, orientation, and depth of the signal. The device is lightweight and has features like compass and pitch/roll display to provide accurate readings. With the SR-20 Locator, you can quickly and safely locate pipelines and other buried lines, saving you time and money by quickly identifying and repairing the problem.

Fantastic Option

choosing the Ridgid product bundle with CS65xr camera, SeeSnake Mini, and SeekTech ST-305R Transmitter is a smart move for any plumber looking to improve their plumbing service. With the bundle, you save money and time. These products work in conjunction with each other, and when paired with the promotional SR-20 Locator, you get an all-in-one system for locating, detecting, and repairing the problem faster and more efficiently. Invest in the bundle today and take your plumbing business to the next level!


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